Ready Player One Movie: What we know so far…

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Credit: Ernest Cline, Random House Publishing

Update: The first teaser trailer has dropped! Check it out here.


Ernest Cline’s superb Sci-Fi novel Ready Player One is getting a well deserved movie adaptation.


First of all, if you are not familiar with this book you should really give it a read. Among modern fiction novels, this one is definitely worth a top ten spot. It’s a story full of nostalgia, action and even a little romance. Anyone who’s an authority on 80’s pop culture and gaming will thoroughly enjoy it.


Without giving too much plot away, the novel tells the tale of a young hero of the not so far away future. This hero, undercut by dystopian poverty but privileged with a great intellect and geeky wit lives his life in a virtual world. In this simulated universe, nearly every movie, game, TV show, or song of mention is open to experience. The plot follows the hero’s quest to unlock the secrets and riddles of a game dev billionaire’s wonkaesque contest.


Those who’ve read this awesome book should be excited to know that a movie is in the works.


The film adaptation is already off to a really promising start. When you consider the books repeated homage to the 1980’s, Spielberg as director and Williams delivering the musical score makes almost too much sense. It goes without saying that Steven Spielberg movies are generally classic hits from the start and I’ve never met a John Williams soundtrack that wasn’t life changing.


Along with that, the cast is also just about finalized. Most of the key actors have been picked. To avoid revealing too much (because I really, really want you to pick up the book and experience it yourself) I’ve given each actor a character pseudonym:


Tye Sheridan – Likeable Hero

Hannah John-Kamen – Heroes Best Friend

T.J. Miller – unknown role (clearly comedic relief)

Ben Mendelson – Villainous Corporate Fat Cat

Olivia Cooke – Fellow Player

Win Moriaski – Fellow Player from the Land of the rising Sun

Mark Rylance – Wonka

Simon Pegg – Wozniak


While I’m on the fence about most of the casting decisions, I’d say Pegg and Cooke are appropriate choices for their characters. I’ve only seen Tye in X-Men Apocalypse (he played a younger cyclops), and I’m hoping he can pull off the lead role.


This movie is taking shape and you can even catch some shaky footage on the youtube.


I’ll have more on this sure to be entertaining film, so check back later for updates!

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