The Lego Batman Movie: A Quick Review

Disclaimer: This post is infected with Dad jokes. You’ve been warned.


Let me just start by saying this movie is heavy on fast moving humor. Will Ar..(cough), I mean Batman, delivers again with a satirical portrayal of the Bat in Danish plastic.


Poking fun at DC icons (and some other franchises), the Lego Batman Movie brings it with fun and the magic of team “building” (see what I did?).
Batman is fighting all his classic enemies in this one, but as usual he has some personal issues to contend with too.
Not to mention, his ego has been inflated to zeppelin proportions, which adds to the hilarity.


This movie has the same move fast, break stuff on the way pace of The Lego Movie, and its just fantastic! If you have kids, well even if you don’t, go see this movie.


It has the things you need in a Saturday afternoon, Batman and Legos.

I don’t really have a rating system, but if I did I’d give this one 4.9 out of 5 batarangs.


Go watch!

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