A Hearty Helping of Star Trek TNG Comics!

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Star Trek: The Next Generation may have ended back in 1994, but it’s still well worth watching in syndication or on netflix. (If you don’t have a netflix subscription, this should be a good enough reason.)

If the live action adventures of Picard and crew aren’t enough for you, I would suggest you check out the TNG graphic novels. The TNG Omnibus features 4 unique stories (21 comics in total) that each fit very well with the real episodes. Each contains a healthy portion of 24th century action, science and warp capable craft.

Alternate timelines, multiple dimensions, super computing and more await in this book. Not to mention, the artistry is good and the stories are well written. Even the eldest of trekkies can enjoy them!

Currently, you can pick this up on Amazon for around $25.

Ahem, …make it so!

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